สวัสดีค่ะ It Started In Thailand

Trevor Lombaer and Sutathip Aiemsaard's unlikely love story goes hand in hand with the improbable creation of Warung Roadside.

Trevor quit his last chef position back in 2016, and set off to help a friend trimming weed on a farm in California. He saved up enough to get a one way ticket to Bangkok with almost no plan whatsoever. 

Trevor met Sutathip on the 3rd day of that monthlong food exploration in Thailand. At the same time as he was falling for the amazing flavors of Bangkok's vibrant street food scene they were also falling for each other. He convinced Sutathip to move halfway across the world to join him in the states. 

Trevor returned to the US full of inspiration to share this amazing experience with everyone. Inspired by the incredible pushcarts around Bangkok he bought a used hot dog cart off Craigslist and converted it to a Pad Thai cart. It was a hit! That first year in 2017 Warung Roadside was accepted into some major festivals and even nominated for a Vendy Award for best rookie. 

The Warung Roadside Bangkok Street Food Truck debuted in 2018 to long lines of Thai food enthusiasts with their regular lunch spot in Dumbo. The rest was history. 

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